Thursday, February 24, 2022

Is this market fall short term like one in March,2020? Should I take entry that I have been waiting for ?

" Viresh, I do not want to miss the chance like I missed in March,2020 " - said one of my friend upon a tele talk today.

Entry Point - choose how ?

If you are one who is waiting for the fall to enter largecap stocks, here is breakup of Top Nifty50 stocks

A- which fell the most (even 10%)
B-which fell the least (less then 0.5%)

(Note the difference in fall %)

Which ones would you prefer to enter?
Which ones would you keep close watch on?
How would you choose?


would you prefer largecap #mutualfund to enter ? (again which one and how?)


Index ETF to enter ?

Plus when ?
is this the time like March,2020 which is short term fall and then immediate rise?
or should you wait for the market to stabalize?

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Image Credit - moneycontrol app

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