Wednesday, March 02, 2022

'I am prepared' - Can I say this today if Ukraine-Russia like situation happens in India someday?

How can I sustain, if this happens in India someday? Those who learn and act to change from situations and mistakes always find them in better situations, even in worst and unthoughtful conditions and in good time as well.

Lot of us have received links, pictures ,memes, whats app messages, articles etc like this (attached in pics).

Yes, proud to be indian and yes it calls for concious application to use and/or shift towards #upi and #rupay usage.

The question here is about how to be self - reliant (#atmanirbhar) on keeping liquid money which is usable in every condition and this Ukraine-Russia war has triggered this question.

I believe and hence put this point forward that this calls for a overall look at once investments and asset allocation  and ask oneself - 'can I or how can I sustain ,if this happens in India someday?'

The question is not only about banking and currency and the way to use it, but how liquid and well diversified is my investment?

Majority of Indians investments are into Fixed deposits, Banks, Insurance policy's , government savings instruments, corporate bonds and real estate. (more then 90%). (some other article on how liquid they are)

What is liquidable immediately, although in such situations it may bring some loss, but is it liquidable?

This is not only question about how to use cash or how to apply banking facilities, but more to do with liquidity.

Above all the majority investments, please be aware and ensure that real estate investments are most illiquidable and more then 70% of tax payers have #realestate as major holding in their #networth.

It's not that one should not invest in real estate, just that it is time to conciously question -'Will I be able to sustain, if this happens in India someday?'.

Lot of people may think I am talking something which is not even 1% posibility, some may say I am talking too negative, but think about family.

Liquidity is important aspect while choosing #investing.

After all when the time is good, you should least get disturbed with such question and remain positive and focused and just respond yourself - 'I am prepared'.

What have you done to say yourself 'I am prepared'? 

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