Thursday, March 24, 2022

My Financial planning clients 7 years experience shared by him

Clients CA representative - Sir we see that there is tax liability in 2 family memebers file, but we can help you save tax.
We can offer you good insurance product, or help you open Retirement pension account which will help you during retirement, and also save on tax.

My Client's response - Mail the options with details and brochures and then talk to my Financial planner VIRESH PATEL CFP CM 👪 . Once he understands and approves we can go ahead.

My Client to me - After meeting you I have understood the importance of working with specialised experts for every aspect of money management, and that every aspect should go under your eyes.

You are my one point contact for everything of my personal financial life.

I have understood that a professional is called a professional, not because of the certification,but because of the specialisation they offer doing and applying what they have learned , repeatedly by practicing the same, day in, day out.

Myself to my 7 year client - This is my fees, you earn a discount on your next year renewal Sir.

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