Thursday, March 03, 2022

Now buy top US listed stocks from India - NSC IFSC starts US stocks today

Why buy from US when you can now buy US stocks from India? Starting today, you can now buy US top 50 (limited to 8 today) stocks from NSE through it's International Exchange (IFSC), by opening you trading account via one of the registered brokers.

(the lsit and trading terminal screenshot in the picture)

Here is list of stocks which will be available to trade and it's ratios (yes, unsponsored depository receipts will be issued) -

(click to check the list and it's ratios)
List of Top US stocks available to trade in NSE IFSC international exchange

To know the list of registered brokers, click here -

List of Registered Brokers on NSE IFSC for US stocks in India

If you are interested in knowing more, comment your queries and I will write a separate detailed one on the same covering your queries.

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