Thursday, March 10, 2022

Should I buy these at Dip ? - ' dip investing strategy '

'Should I buy at dip ?', - one of my friends sent me this 'dip investing' picture and sent some scripts alongwith the same.

'Buy when everyone is fearful and when there is fall from highs' , is right, but please understand we do not buy price, we buy valuable businesses.

Not all company's (scripts) has value to buy even after 90% 'dip'. For example, ' UNITECH ' was at 444+ in 2007 and fell to below 10 in 2008-09, never rose. (currently @2.50)

Not everything that dips is to be bought.Not everything is worth investing even in good times.Proper research is always needed before buy, with right understanding and after detailed suitability test.

For every successful example, there are lot of failure stories, which are to be learnt and understood to be successful. It is good to know about infosys and cici success stories, but would be better to know such unitech stories as well.

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