Monday, April 25, 2022

If only I knew this, I would have taken the job offered then

'If only I knew this is going to come, I would have accepted the job that was offered then' - said a dear friend of mine, when we met last week.

In November,2019 he decided to start enterprenuership journey after education completion.

Started approaching aggressively looking for referals and orders in schools.

Got his first order in Mid January, 2020, took loan of 35 lac to execute, was ready with the material to be supplied by March 20 which he was to supply on March,25 2020 and #pandemic set in.

This friend, now has loan of 35 lacs, material ready worth 40 lacs ,EMI to service and in july, 2020 took a job, to be able to service the loan.

And, last week when we met he said, 'If only I knew this is going to come, I would have accepted the job that was offered then'.

Yes, I understand no one knows when there is going to be medical emergency, big health issue, accident, job loss, income break, unplanned expense, loss in investments, earthquake, loss of dear ones, .... and so on, but 1 thing is always known.... 'change'.

Life is ever changing, at time in next second or next day, thousands of things are not known, but atleast there are some things that are known and will never ever go any where.

You know, there could be emergency.

Once you marry, you know you have joint responsibilities of each other.
etc etc....

Prepare for what is known, and life could be much simpler and happier to live.

Agree ?
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Monday, April 11, 2022

Investing made simple?

What do you do when your cost increases and your growth % reduces ?

That is exactly what RBI indicated last week in their statements for India.

Inflation expectation (rise in living cost) is moved up to 5.7% for FY 22-23, from 5.5% last indicated and GDP growth expected is moved down to 7.2% for current financial year from 7.8% forecasted earlier.

This means Growth pace is expected to reduce directly or indirectly because of input cost increase, which means profitability over all reduces.

At a general level, is this indication on what to do with equity investments?

More so over, interest cost is also expected to increase, so cash / liquidity available will have higher value.

Isn't investing simple?

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