Monday, May 23, 2022

How should a investor choose from TOP RANKED mutual funds? A Query

One of my Clients team mate sent this to my client to ask me on how a common man should read this and take decision.

'Kindly ask your financial planner, how should I decide to buy best mutual funds, as I have bought after looking at 19th May,22 top list some funds and today when I checked the top funds have changed'.

It takes so much time to explain this and the basis behind this rankings or 'Top List', and so I sent short message, saying as follows-

'let your dear friend know that this is good for reference and as re-check, but your life milestones & situation alongwith risk profile is different from the other, hence it is important filter and find suitable funds which passes this criteria,which is specific to you, like DNA of humans, which are unique. This is also part of disclaimer with this popular site.'

Could I have explained better ?
as short and quick, as that was need of my client to respond very fast?

Kirtan A Shah
Ashish Singodia
Priya Krishnamoorthy
Harminder Garg, CFP

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