Friday, May 27, 2022

Returns vs Returns - what matters?

Here are 2 similar situations

CASE A- you invested Rs.10 lacs and after choosing best investment products got 63% returns in 2 and half years.When you received that in bank, you still fell short of need for which it was withdrawn.

CASE B- you invested Rs.10 lacs and after 2 and half years, withdrawn and done down payt.for that dream house as was required.

Returns from investment in % terms is different from money returned in your bank and fullfilling a need for which it was invested and withdrawn.

Such is the difference between 2 ' RETURNS'.

Which returns have you invested for? - Case A or Case B?

Do you already know before investing -

1- what are you investing for?
2- when you will withdraw?
3- what is return required in true sense to satisfy the need that you are investing for?

What say? Share your views

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