Monday, May 09, 2022

Sharing some personal secret

Sharing my secret. My wife always asks me to bring fruits, and she is not comfortable bringing home fruits herself.

She even says, 'you choose good fruits and most of the times they are best'.

So here's the secret.

I have been buying fruits from one vendor only, since more then 25 yrs now, and rather a generation has changed in the fruit vendor.

The fruit vendor knows exactly what I am looking for and infact he even knows, I will never even ask price and rather look for best what I ask for.

In turn, my wife, always asks price first, keeps on hopping vendors and in the price discovery and hopping vendors, the vendors also know that my wife will only buy from them, if it is low price.

In case of fruits buying, since my wife has less experience, made some mistakes in the past and not confident, there is no consistency and where as I always look for value buy, and price is most likely secondary for me.

My vendor knows this and respects this, and inturn also at times tells, 'aaj aapko deney layak nahi hai', even when the stall is full of what I ask.

Give time to your servcie provider to identify your needs and seek value rather then price first approach.

Secondly, it turns out to be more harmful in only comparing price, or buying cheap, rather take time to evaluate your service or product provider, and once you get confidence remain loyal for value for money.

In investing, more money is lost in hopping and changing advisor, in the race to f finding 'best advisor', then choosing a average advisor and staying long with the same.

Give time in choosing your service provider, look for value first and ince you identify the value, compare with peers for price vs value alongwith other aspects and choose one PLUS once you have choosen give time.

Read again.

Agree ? contracdictory views welcome.

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