Saturday, May 07, 2022

World Password day - reminder for keeping personal digital data safe

Happy World Password day. Every first thursday in May, is world password day and is a good reminder on digital assets and information safety.

In this digital and online virtual world, your password is key to insides of your own world, one which is 'you', personal and private.

_Keep password long (8 or more characters)
_Keep password not common (name,birthday etc)
_Keep password multi character (alphanumeric with special character and 1 caps letter)
_Keep it multi linguistic,if available
_if it is important and confidential, DO NOT save password
_Use different passwords for different accounts, do not repeat the same passwords
_Change your passwords regularly
_2 factor authentification is amazing introduction and always use it

I am not a digital expert, but data concious and believer and promoter of data privacy, and above are some of my learnings.

Kindly share your experiences and tips on the same.

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