Wednesday, June 29, 2022

How would you respond to this Financial Influencers statement? Fun in Fundamentals

'Yeh aasman kab saaf hoga, kaley ghaney badal kab jayengey?' - A financial Influencer wrote in his group.

Group member 1- 'Rainy seson is on Sir' 🤪

Group member 2- ' jab hava kaa rukh badlega'

How would you respond?
How do you find above resonses?

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Home buying Dilemma - Real life decision making

Dilema ,
Yesterday a friend called me and had home buying decision making query-

Viresh, I have 2 thoughts, (after many filtered down)

A- buying a home which is near to station and is available at say 'X'

B- buying a home which is about 2 kms. away from station and is available at 'X minus 13%'.

Viresh we discussed a lot at home between 5 of us, and the challenge was travelling for everyone.

So I came up with a resolution and suggested we buy a economy car and a scooter, which is still going to help us lower the overall spend on the decision.

I want to know, Viresh , what are your thoughts?

What would be your advise?
Do you agree to this resolution?

#comment and I will share what in DM what I shared my views with him.

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Milin Shah, CISSP
Amit Narang CFA (ICFAI)

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Yaha aapki Dhanrashi ghatati huii dikh rahi hai - Latest KBC advertisement - Amitabh Bachhan

Although this is #kbc advertisement, but excellently applies to financial management and investing.

2 statement worth noting-

_ 'yaha toh aapki dhanrashi ghatati huii dikh rahi hai'


_ 'gyaan batney sey pehle tatol lijiye'

Video credit - sonyliv

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You saw this ? your view ?

Ashish Singodia
CA Chintan Dedhia
Ruparanjan Mohapatra
Akash Patra
Kirtan A Shah
Ganesh B Nayak
Priya Krishnamoorthy

Click on below link for watching the Kaun Banega Karodpati Advertisement - 

KBC Advertisement of knowledge awareness 25-6-22


Friday, June 24, 2022

Be aware before blindly following influencers

Guys, #beware of blindly following any influencer and acting upon the same.

Dividends are not a guaranteed income.

At one point of time hdfc prudence, a balanced category mutual fund with aggressive approach, used to be sold as income plans. Lot of senior citizens fell prey to it and suddenly reliazed the dividend has stopped and there capital invested is also lost.

Do your own due deligence before following influencers.Lot's of influencers have named their IG , Twitter and YT accounts with money or finance in it's names. Just beaware.

Before understanding what they are saying, most important is who is saying and what is background (certification and experience). please understand this first.

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mentioning for better reach in creating this awareness - Also, if you have come accross some other , do share.

Madhvendra .
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Akash Patra
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(HDFC Prudence, the fund mentioned here - name was prior to mutual fund categorization by SEBI / AMFI).

LinkedIn for Creators


Difficulty managing investments ? - We offer a solution

28 Funds
32 Scrips (3 demat accounts)
9   ULIPs
7.  Insurance policies
2.  Ongoing Mediclaim Policy
1.  Lapsed Mediclaim policy
5.  PPF accounts
1.  Current EPF
1.  Request for withdrawal given
2.  Car loans
1.  home loan
1.  Top up loan
1.  Zero interest 8 month credit card loan
3.  Credit and 1 debit card

we are 4 family members.

Viresh in last 9 years this is what I have and I am having a feeling of lost in the dark since last several months as I do not know where to start from and how to organize this to lead in the right manner.

Do you have a close friend, colleague or relative who is experiencing this?

We have a solution.

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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Government and Citizens disconnect disturbs everyone and a connect is of utmost importance

Government and Citizens partnership is of utmost importance.

Classic example of high chances that government policy may not work-

On one side US government President joe Biden says we are waiving off the duties on petrol and diesel, to least affect consumers and working to bring down inflation and on the other side there is a Report that says record number of travellers are expected to do road travel on July 4 in US.

Isn't there a disconnect?

Do you feel there is similar disconnect in India ?

Do you think this disconnect should be alert for everyone?

How can and who can bridge this?

Kirtan A Shah
Priya Krishnamoorthy
Priyanka- The Copywriter ✍
Priyanka Acharya
Divyashikha Gupta
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CA Shrenik Shah
Chintan Shah
Rajan Parekh

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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Partial approach hurts more - comprehensive approach to everything

' I have started Ayurvedic treatment to resolve longterm gas, acidity and constipation problem since last 3 months, and it is helping.' said my cousin sister.

Add a good diet plan, to make it more effective, as what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and what not to eat is very important and give a wholesome plan to resolving the problem.

Even right water is important.

Agree ?

Bina Chheda
Dr.Deepika Jain
Rajshree Vachhrajani

Comparing this with investing approach, 1 cr term insurance, co.provided mediclaim, some #mutualfund SIP /s , EPF contribution by itself does not ensure prepared or #financialfreedom l.

A good 360 degree approach is needed, be it food, money management, life plan, excrcise , career plan.

Agree ?

Kirtan A Shah
Ashish Singodia
Anagh Pal
Abhishek Kulkarni
Abhishek Ganeriwala
Vipul Prasad

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