Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Home buying Dilemma - Real life decision making

Dilema ,
Yesterday a friend called me and had home buying decision making query-

Viresh, I have 2 thoughts, (after many filtered down)

A- buying a home which is near to station and is available at say 'X'

B- buying a home which is about 2 kms. away from station and is available at 'X minus 13%'.

Viresh we discussed a lot at home between 5 of us, and the challenge was travelling for everyone.

So I came up with a resolution and suggested we buy a economy car and a scooter, which is still going to help us lower the overall spend on the decision.

I want to know, Viresh , what are your thoughts?

What would be your advise?
Do you agree to this resolution?

#comment and I will share what in DM what I shared my views with him.

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Prajakta Sarfare
Vinay Pagare
CA. Anand Lunkar
Milind Shah
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Amit Narang CFA (ICFAI)

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