Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Hire a CA today, if you have this appicable (even if you are salaried)

If you haven't yet looked at filing income tax returns, hurry up, and would suggest to look for a good, known, trustable CA for guidance, especially if you have

_more then 1 income heads,
_ detailes other then declared (income,deductions,expenses etc)
_capital gains (property, equity,mutual funds etc)
_large amount or multiple small amount transactions
_any real estate switch and/or buy
_availed new home loan and first year need for deductions, and the home is under construction(possession not received)
_HRA and Homeloan both deductions to be applied
_Multiple internal bank transfers (same name or within family and friends),especially if large
_first time started investing in Mutual funds and shares (even if no sell done)
_you have moved out of country or come back to India for settling here
_side income / hustle (freelancing income)
_given loan and interest recived
_education loan availed, esecially for first time
_dependent ailing parents
_correction in form 16
_your AIS / TIS showing unusual transaction
_your 26AS shows wrong TDS
_switched the job inbetween
_left job and started on your own and also redeemed EPF money

Better work with professional and pay fees, rather than , doing it yourself, doing it wrong and upon query not knowing what to do and get stuck for refund or pay more tax than liable.

Anything I missed ? (kindly add in mutual interest)

CA. Anand Lunkar
CA Chintan Dedhia
CA Shrenik Shah
CA Sweety Chaudhary
Sunil Sharma
Sumit Doshi
Madhur Gundecha
CA Yogesh Awasthi 🇮🇳
Amit Narang CFA (ICFAI)
Mitesh Parekh

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