Wednesday, August 17, 2022

What should be my Investing strategy now? 17th August, 2022. - revealed suitable

17th June, 22 #sensex made low of 50,921 and today's top is 60,257, clean about 9000 points one side rally in just 2 months. (today 17th August, 22)

May, 22 #rbi increased repo rates and today it seems we are pretty much near the top of repo rate hike (most likely, unless circumstances and data say otherwise).

Strategy application ?-

Equity Market levels seems to be at fair or just above fair levels, and

1- staggering investments,
2- wait for opportunity or
3- taking some startegic exposure to debt

would be a good strategy if you are looking to invest for 3 and more years horizon.

Always have a suitable #assetallocation in place and 'don't just follow my words', as this is general and your situation could be different.

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