Tuesday, September 27, 2022

What makes me say 361 degrees of solution - CFP cm certification - financial planning

What makes you say 361 degrees of Solution provider?

Glad to share that yet another year of renewal of CFP cm certification, which does not just happen by chance, but happens by continous learning and upgradation.

Also, have shared what CFP Certification journey covers.

You will note it covers -
_ Investments - technicals and products
_Insurances and risks management
_Economics (global as well as domestic)
_Estate planning (operate,manage and transfer)
_Tax Optimization /  management (personal finance)
_Person skills and behaviour understanding and application

plus, the certification involves min.3 yrs of experience and most important continous learning for renewals.

and, I have 17+ yrs of experience in #personalfinance

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.  is worldwide recognizing body for cfpcm (#financialplanning) certification and continous learning.

I get lot of parents and teens asking me on what should I pursue if I am interested in personal finance and my first choice is CFP CM. (not only because I have done it, but because of majorly 2 reasons -1- It's not easy but global which covers most extensive topics in personal finance 2- there is increasing awareness and demand but very few who actually have there own practice)

I would be glad to share my expereince.

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