Sunday, October 16, 2022

Action after following finfluencer - What changed ?

Let's be clear on these -

_Top 5 stocks to buy for 2022
_Top 10 Mutual Funds to buy, this diwali
_Top 5 dividend paying stocks
_Top performing midcap Funds to add
_Best ROCE, Div.Yield, BV and PE stocks to add available under Rs.100
_These funds no one is talking about but are top performing
_Top 6 diversified funds to add for next 5 years
_Must have stocks for Retirement corpus
_Thinking about kids education?- Buy these 3 foreign/global funds
_3 secrets to become rich

and manyany more such shared by #finfluencers are great to read, know but are this helping you take investing decision with right perspective and start or set right?

If yes, great.

Several investors read and are not able to take decisions or take decisions and regret after that.

Not that the funds or stocks or strategies or tips are not right, but the one filter it misses is 'suitability', which  always needs personalized and customized and then all of this information and tips to be evaluated and applied whichever is suitable.

A personal #financialplan helps filter various information and apply and implement with right approach to action it and kill many, whatever is 'right for you'.

Have you ever got confused with all the information available ?

Have you found that after reading the #influencers  #blog or going through #vlog you have delayed the decision or taken decision and then found it to be 'not right'?

Or that you found you were sold course after course on #investing ? -which is good for #financialliteracy.

Share, how has these blogs and videos helped you to start right or set right.

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Ashish Singodia
Prajakta Sarfare
Dr. Hardik Parikh, MBBS, MS [Ophthal], FAICO [LASIK]
Abhijeet Jetly
Manoj Kumar Mahto
Divyashikha Gupta
Kirtan A Shah
Ashish Jhanjee
Bhavin Kothari
Amita Goyal
Sangita Marda Agarwal
Mansi Shah
Abhishek Kulkarni
Sachin Gaware
Ruparanjan Mohapatra
Akash Patra
Abhishek Ganeriwala

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