Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Home buying decision - A solution - real bad situation

One of my prospect family is badly stuck and I knew I could have avoided this situation for them.

The house that they booked is now at the very final stage and in about a month should be ready for possession, so he has to pay the final sum.

Their current house is not yet sold, which was assumed to be sold and paid to the builder of the new house. (so big sum gap and also capital gain now to be paid- so double whammy)

He got the loan, but less than required, so that is also depressing from them.

They paid few sum to builder, by taking internal hand loans which they have flexibility, not paying any interest, but have to pay in 1 to 2 yrs , which means next 2 years surplus going into paying that hand loans.(looking at surplus, may be more time is required to pay the loan)

Even if they took possession, they wont have any money to do any interior work, so home won't be stay ready.

I feel very bad - here's why.

February, 2017 this family was refered to me by one of my clients and I understood and informed them about our 'home buying- solution', which empowers to take decision on why, what, when, how to take home buying decision and then breaking it down to simple steos before even starting to look out for home.

For most, it's the preparation done before looking out for home is crucial rather than, the 'actual buying' stage.

After prospecting we had informed them about our services, and they thought we are yet not taking decision, so they said we will come back.

Yes they came back yesterday, we did prospecting meet again yesterday and the situation is really stressful and depressing for the couple.

Good time to onboard and engage is the day you thought of buying home, even someday, as it's a preparatory journey which is important, and not only while you have freezed the home.

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