Saturday, November 05, 2022

How does Financial Planning Professionals (cfp) day looks like?

Life of a financial planning professional 😂

11:00 am India time today meeting was scheduled online with overseas client about 5 days back, and the link was sent yesterday night.

Today, just 5 mts before the meeting i.e.10:55, I messaged client that I am behind schedule and will join @11:10.

The truth behind the scene -

_I finished a meeting just @10-45 am , _went for the loo to freshen up myself, _had a glass of water,
_checked mail and whats app messages for important messages that may need immediate response (nothing was there that important)
_messaged the client that I am behind schedule and that I will join @11:10 am (10 mts late)
_opened the sheet and plan that I am going to show and refer while meeting this client online and recouping the agenda of meeting
_closed eyes and had deep breath for 5 minutes to recollect new meetings reference to context and thoughts and put aside previous meetings thoughts
_admited the client in to join meeting
_again deep breath and some fast breath as well
-joined the meeting @11:05.

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FPSB India
Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.

ICOFP Mumbai

_finished the meeting @13:27 (also some break in between)
_sent minutes of meeting and next steps @14:15
_working in another plan currently and already a meeting is scheduled @4 

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