Saturday, November 12, 2022

Following such financial or investment headlines is dangerous - unfollow finfinfluencer tip

Do not get swayed away by such headlines and returns numbers.

It's no point.
If I start writing such things, I can write daily one fund which has given amazing returns (above normal).

In fact for me as investor, such article writers are to be easily unfollowed. (makes no sense to follow and remain confused- remember, our actions in today's world is directly related to whom we follow)

Why not to get swayed ? (or what to note in this headlines)

A- It's an SIP and not lumsum (the avg.holding period of SIP in the 12th month, is less than a year)

B- It's just 1 year return, of SIP. Even if the markets have done excellent in last one month or good in last few months, the return numbers are going to look exorbitantly above normal (infact thats the current situation)

C- It's equity fund (so volatility of Market and fund will change returns every day)

Hope this helps in unfloowing or choose the right ones to follow.

Bonus tip- any article provider or influencer who always keeps writing only on Top / Best returns, is for surely to be considered to unfollow.

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