Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Recent Credit Card spend data and what does it mean for you ? (word of caution?)

Monthly Credit Card spend is @1.28  lac crs via

60% ecommerce
38% Point of Sales

as per data released by RBI of January, 23.

Total Credit cards issued stand around  8.2 crs.

HDFC is by far the largest used Credit card, in volume of transactions and value terms.

What does this mean?

In October, 22 (note diwali spend), the value was highest in a year -1.29 cr. and  now 1.28 cr.

What could be the reason for such high figures?

Does inflation and rise im EMI due to interest rate increase put pressure on cashflows and has increased this Credit Card spend?

What is your observation for yourself and your dear ones?

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I have also come across some, doing SIPs payments via credit cards.

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Is this a sign of on ground liquidity / cashflow mismatch for family's ?

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