Monday, March 20, 2023

Is this the kind of value add experienced financial planner adds? Is this right way to show ?

If your client asked you to take a sectoral call on say 'metals' about 3 months back, and you explained & resisted the clients urge, and parked the funds in liquid funds.

This was exactly asked by the client on 17th Jan, 2023, then explained and resusted the urge.

On top of it, what if the parked liquid funds have given 6% pa returns (meaning say 1.5% absolute returns roughly) and still the client asks, why only 6%.

How will you explain?

On top of it, how will you explain that this liquid money is now available as opportunity money to enter at lower levels and generate better than average returns?

How will you explain?

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Nifty Metal Index change between 17th Jan, 2023 and 20th March, 2023. (On 17th Jan, Metal Index was 6779 and today i.e. 20th March, 2023, the metals Index is @5475. (A downside saved of about 1300 points or about 19.23% fall saved) 

The gain impact is 19.23% in absolute terms PLUS 1.5% earned from parking the funds in Liquid funds and hence the tentative gain is 20.73% in just 3 months. (Is that how the value of a financial planner shown?) 

Below is Nifty Metals Index as on, 20th March, 2023, Monday

Below is Nifty Metal Index as on 17th January, 2023

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