Thursday, April 06, 2023

Sorry state of Financial Literacy and Awareness - lack of advisors ?

I feel sorry for not being able to spread financial awareness / financial literacy to the extent it is required.

If such big companies have a lack of good advisor/s and such a big switch decision -700 crorers- is not small, I am sure we as a community of 'client centric' financial planners, financial advisors have a long way to go and lot today.

Moving 700 crorers out of Mutual Fund into FDs for a company of this size and growth could have been managed better.

If it is backed with proper understanding and suitability and as a strategic call fine, otherwise it seems to be a decision from past experience and aberration. (atleast that is what it seems from the language)

Maybe the strategy goes wrong or the briefing went wrong.

Why would one otherwise take a call on closing and withdrawing everything from mutual funds? Mutual funds do offer debt products as well and equity is also good to have.

We need to work a lot together.

Kirtan A Shah
Sadique Neelgund 🇮🇳
Priyanka Acharya

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Ashish Singodia
Prajakta Sarfare
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