Monday, April 10, 2023

Spreading Financial Life Awareness - online session with Memory Championship organising Company team members

Back to what I like, spreading Financial Awareness and upping Financial Literacy.

Gratitude to Sushant Mysorekar  and at the same time appreciate him to be a thought leader to ensure their team members are Financially Aware and choose me to do this.

Did this Financial Awareness workshop for the team of  Brain Rhyme , a mind and memory games and workout, working with some of the biggest educational institutions, not only in India,but Asia and they have trained kids to acquire guneius world record in memory championships and they say it is meant for all ages. (literally they also have students of age 85-90 as well).

After the workshop received feeback and attached the same here.

I am open to do online financial awareness and wellbeing sessions and workshops at your society, company and in small groups as well.

Min. number 5 maximum 35 of one batch. (specially because I feel in such sessions, attendees do not come to listen you, they come to learn and have solutions for them and better their way of managing their finance)

Again thanks to the Brain Rhyme team as well to be so participative and inquisitive. (I like Q & A section the most always)

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