Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Your contribution/s to retirement corpus may be at stake - Vote responsibly NPS vs OPS

NPS vs OPS may create a problem not only for regulators, but for investors of the same and somehow whatever decision some day it reaches will impact investors retirement corpus.

Currently #PFRDA (nps regulator) and certain state governments (ones which declared Old Pension Scheme (popularly called OPS) as their choice to offer their state role employees under retirement plan and / or fund) are at loggerheads.

State governments which declared OPS  to offer their state employees are claiming money back from pfrda and pfrda has declined.

This may reach the Supreme court and Ministry of finance and all retirement fund contributors retirement money is at stake.

Why vote and ask your MP or MLA or MLC questions is important, before deciding whom to choose, is everyones responsibility. (and not someone else's or they)

PFRDA DECLINED money to state government for OPS

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