Wednesday, August 16, 2023

How can India minimize food price rise ?

1- Take climate change not as some number, rather make an action plan to track on ground level. (for example, river rejuvenation and ground water level rise- so here the action plan is to rejuvenate all rivers and measurement teacker is has the ground water level risenn?) - this also to start with areas where key food items in quantity are sown, grown and harvested.

2- Make storage facilities in and near these areas so that food does not get wasted or maximum remain for consumption

3- Ensure as real time as possible weather information is passed to the farmers so that the farming activity results in maximising output. (remember a Rs.100 MSP price increase for 100kg is less as compared to Rs.75 MSP increase for 1000 kgs, in all practical terms)

4- Ensure real time tracking of Storage facilities with regards stock for use, meaning rotten to be discarded in numbers of use.

5- Make this a centralised digital or/and supply-chain system at all India level 24*7, in order to target food security plan and also higher MSP where problem for farmers may arise, rather than standard price rise.

6- Provide short term (max.6 months) farmer loans to not land lords or owners as farmers, but to actual growers. (targeting real workers and impact, rather than cimparatively richer farmers)

7- Creat a separate head or department under food ministry who only takes care of the supply chain of food items (cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, millets etc)

8- Make law which can levy penaltey and/or even lead to jail if food wastage is found. (ideally it is every world citizens responsibility to ensure no food wastage) (this could be under right to healthy food law)

The world is moving towards food shortage and supply chain mis match or mis management or gap and India needs to take leadership for higher comparative production, but also higher food consumption.

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