Wednesday, August 16, 2023

World Order & Investing

#China economy is slowing and in trouble, and the central bank rates going down.

#US inflation high, credit growth slowing and #recession is still not out of question, and central bank rates stable to one more uptick expected.

#India, growth upwards (may slow down in 2nd half, but still above world average), RBI rates may pause for long or even a chance of one last uptick and elections coming year, plus food prices seems to up inflation atleast until Diwali or Christmas.

#europe, markets are seeing higher #inflation, #energy prices not coming down, #winter arriving in 2-3 months, do not largely see growth, but with inflation central bank rates may not come down, infact risk of higher highs.

#ukraine #russia war not looking to end soon.

#africa , #nigeria becoming another ground of underground war between Russia and America, so a different geo-political aspect may become base for world changes.

On top of it, there are so many new relations between countries changing and most if it indicates intention to move away from U.S. and US Dollar supremacy.

All of these has a longterm impact and reflects atleast that in short to medium term worldwide not too much positive outlook on growth.- (my personal view is lower profitability in short to medium term for companies across the world and sooner or later, growth skows and/or markets come downward)

What are your views ?

My View is to revisit your investing approach and strategy and surely uave relook at risk aspect, ensuring remain aligned to life needs with peaceful journey - as an investing outlook.

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